Friday, March 07, 2008

Spoilt for Choice

It's only now occurred to me that I can wear a brand-new pair of socks every day this week. So I've decided to share them one at a time, in order to prolong the socky coolness. It turns out that the hardest part about getting seven pairs of handknit socks all at once is deciding which ones to wear first. That's a hardship I'm more than willing to live with, especially since I'm somewhat guided by the rather mercurial weather forecast for the week.

Today is a pretty cold day, and also one I'm planning to spend mostly at home, so Amanda's socks are a good choice for the day. These are "Flow Motion Socks," made with Galway Paint yarn.

They're a Cat Bordhi design, and incorporate what seems to be her trademark funky shaping. I hope this picture shows it - the gusset expansion isn't in the normal place on the sides; it's over the top of the foot. So now I have a pair of fun Cat Bordhi socks in spite of all my Coriolis trouble! The yarn is cozy and warm, and while the funky shaping makes them seem a bit tight to put on, they fit really nicely. I may have to return to the funky shaping project.

The dogs think they're pretty nice looking, too.

I want to share something about the dogs. Some people who don't know them might think they're cute little angels with fur. Those people probably think that it's easy to get lots of great pictures when you have cool socks and photogenic dogs around.

Those people would be wrong. This is what I'm usually putting up with when I'm trying to take pictures.

Or maybe it's a matter of what Max has to put up with.

Don't feel too sorry for him - yesterday, while I was trying to take pictures of my toe socks, he stole my lunch. But you'll have to visit my bento album to see what he had to eat.


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