Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Oscar

Today we're celebrating Oscar's birthday! He's two years old, more or less - I've decided that his birthday is the 24th - the day we found him - and he was about six months old in August 2006. Last year I set his birthday in April, but then I learned that teeth are more reliable than testicles for determining a dog's age, so he suddenly became two months older.

He's modeling his birthday present - a t-shirt that says "100% Mutt." I wish we'd been able to get them for both dogs, since "what kind of dog is that?" seems to be the most common question I get when the VeryBadDogs go out. He doesn't seem to mind wearing the shirt much - I think it helps that I told him that it makes him look a bit dangerous - Mommy's fuzzy little bad-ass. I hope he doesn't decide he needs some tattoos to go with it.

I didn't hold a party or anything, but both dogs got Frosty Paws with their dinner. I sang "Happy Birthday" to Oscar first, but I think they were paying more attention to the Frosty Paws than to me.

I'm not always sure that Max is happy to have a little brother, but he's sure happy to have two sets of doggie celebrations and treats. He even let Oscar tear up the empty cups all by himself - I wonder if he knew it was a special day?


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