Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Second Time is Easier

I felt a bit bad about killing my first Hat Attack Victim, but somehow it's easier the second time around. All of a sudden it doesn't seem odd to spend a day frantically sending death to a total stranger. Is it because my new target, IronJohn04, lives far enough away that I'm not likely to run into him at the knitting shop? Or is it that knitting to kill turns out to be fun?

IronJohn's assassin, MopTopMary, sent her WIP off to me as she was dying from her own assassin's hat, so now it's my turn to pick up where she left off - at Row 20 of the pattern, to be exact.

She even took the time to include some goodies to thank me for finishing - useful things, tasty treats, and this fun paper art, including a non-lethal hat. In a delightful burst of knitting crueltykindness, she sent IronJohn a package of goodies, too - leaving him to fear he was dead much earlier than expected. I like her already!

I've made some progress on the new weapon, and expect to mail it out Monday morning. Once the cables are out of the way, it gets pretty easy - although I'm making it a bit longer so it will fit IronJohn. The poor guy lives in New England, so he needs warm stuff to wear!

Under normal circumstances, the hat would have gone out this morning - but Aaron came home for brief visit last night! He has a job interview this week, but since he's in the neighborhood - relatively speaking - I get to see him, too. He brought me this lovely yarn from a recent visit to Oldenburg, so it only seemed reasonable to put the knitting aside for a couple days and enjoy his company. I guess I'm not a terribly ruthless assassin, after all.


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