Friday, February 15, 2008


Ravelry just brings one fun thing after another! Boho Knitter Chick had the great idea of putting together a Valentine swap - basically just sharing around lists of people you'd send cards to, and get cards from. Since I'm never very good about sending out cards - and I'm better at it than a lot of people I know - my mailbox is usually pretty lonely. So I was glad to sign up.

And just look at all the lovely cards. When I'm home, I'll have to go through and list their senders, but for right now I'm just reveling in the sheer gloriousness of so many cards. There are so many that you can't even see the fishy card holder Aaron gave me. We never have that problem at Christmas, even if we include the cards from the insurance agent and the paper carrier.

Some were handmade, and some were commercial - all were very nice. Several people even included a little trinket - something I'll have to think about for the future.

Mine were handmade - much as I love buying trinkets, I couldn't resist the opportunity to take advantage of my wonderful models. So this is the final outcome of my earlier photo session. I think the cuteness of the VeryBadDogs makes up for all the trouble - which is usually what happens with dogs.


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