Monday, February 25, 2008

WIP Update

I seem to be much better at starting projects than finishing them, lately. I think I've spent a reasonable amount of time knitting, but have only one completed project to show for it. So here's a rundown of the current works in progress:

The Obama-logo hat is starting to look hat-sized, although it has a long way to go before it gets its logo. Thanks to everything I've learned from the Hat Attack project, I know it needs to be about 8" long - which means I knit until it's just under 6", and then begin decreasing for the crown. This probably should be my first priority project, since it's still cold out and the primaries are still happening - although it's looking more and more likely that I'll be able to wear it through November!

When I said I wanted to have the toe socks done before Aaron came home, I wasn't anticipating this early visit. It's still likely that I'll have them done before he returns for good in the middle of March. The newest yarn he brought me isn't destined for a project yet - I'll see what comes up.

I need to get busy on either the toe socks or the Fiber Fish Mittens, because I'm going to need the Size 1 needles for all sorts of upcoming knitalongs and contests. In fact, the Year of the Rat socks are on hold because one of their Size 1 needles broke (Brittanys just don't work for me!), and I don't have any more spares. Fish #1 has a body now, and so I need to add the thumb/fin and weave in a whole bunch of ends. Entrelac goes pretty quickly when I'm actually working on it - I think because there's always a satisfying sense of having finished something - so I'll probably have these finished before winter's over.

I got in a little work on the Kauni Cardigan at this month's Nordic Knitting Club, so it's a couple of pattern repeats longer than it was. This is another pattern that gives a constant sense of accomplishment - I wonder if it would be even better with a colorway that changed more frequently? I found myself pulling the yarn out of the ball as I was knitting, asking "are we there yet?" of the next colors.

The cardigan was on hold for awhile, because Oscar chewed up the circular needle, and River Knits was all out of the size I needed, presumably by coincidence rather than the result of a VeryBadPlot. It wasn't enough that he got into the knitting bag (in the past, "out of sight, out of tiny little doggie mind" has worked to keep him away from needles) and pulled them out of the knitting. No, he had to rub it in by lying at my feet to do it - chewed through the cord and destroyed one of the needles in the fairly short time it took me to realize, "those aren't chewy-toy sounds!"

I have new incentive to finish this soon - the Yarn Harlot is coming to Indianapolis in April, and I'd really like to be able to show off a finished sweater! I hope it will be far too warm to actually wear the sweater, which means I have to finish it even faster if I'm to enjoy it.

My other Nordic project - the Sock Club socks - hasn't been out for awhile. I'll probably pay more attention to it once the toe socks are done, since I only have a few more pattern rows to go before there's a lot of solid-color knitting, which is good for carrying around. They may not be done before it's too warm to wear them - especially since I skipped this month's sock club due to Aaron's visit.

Incidentally, he thinks there may have been a plot: I'd mentioned that I wouldn't be at Sock Club, only to receive an e-mail from Elizabeth, asking if anyone could loan her a Barack Obama button. I have a few, so I was happy to give her one - and thought I should drop it by right away since I didn't know how soon she needed it. Since I'd be dropping by during Sock Club, I could take extra buttons with me, just in case anyone else asked for one. And as long as I was there, I could pick up a little something for my new Hat Attack package. Buying yarn was the last thing on my mind....or at least the third or fourth thing on my mind.

But I was there, and I knew I'd be needing some yarn for these upcoming challenges, and Elizabeth had recently mentioned that a new shipment of Jitterbug had come would've been silly not to check it out, right? Now I have a new skein of Jitterbug, and a couple balls of Melody for the Sock Knitters' Pentathlon. So did Elizabeth really need that button, or was she just trying to keep me from getting away?

Here's the bag I bought - NOT FOR ME - a bit overexposed because I wanted to show the cables on the hat. At least I've finished one project recently - my new Hat Attack weapon, all ready to be mailed off to IronJohn. I've added seven rows to the original pattern, and I like the fit much better. Perhaps I'll make one just for me as a way of reveling in still being alive. Or perhaps I shouldn't tempt fate, or start any more knitting projects.

I couldn't resist adding a few other deadly and dangerous things, just for fun. Mr. Yuk stickers are hard to get these days - I wound up having to buy them from eBay - but they seem to go with the general theme.

As it turns out, I may not be finished with trips to River Knits. I see there's a Jitterbug colorway called Salty Dog. I don't see how I can resist checking that out!



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