Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am not one of those people...

you know, the ones who wear shorts every time the temperature gets above freezing? But today I almost wish I were, because today I'm wearing an elegant pair of socks by Debbie. It's even a nice enough day that one might get away with wearing shorts.

Debbie's socks are the product of a class she took with Nancy Bush - the pattern is called "Stovepipe Socks," and the yarn is Bush's own "Footpath." The socks are shaped around the calf, and have a seam-like line of purling up the back - and they're the last of my Sockday socks. It's kind of fitting (although coincidental) that I should finish with Debbie's socks, because she's the most senior member of our sock group.

It's also appropriate that I should blog about yesterday's socks together with today's, because Sheryl and Debbie wound up having a joint sockday thanks to planning difficulties. So here are Sheryl's beautiful "Winter Garden Socks," which I wore yesterday, on our last day of lingering snow. I've privately dubbed them "Sheryl's Sampler Socks," since there's a bit of everything in this pattern - lace, Fair Isle work, and the cool stripes.

Sheryl packaged my socks in this fun box, knowing I'd appreciate the design.

Perhaps that's why they had to be subjected to such close inspection before I could photograph and wear them.

My delay in blogging about Sheryl's socks is not for lack of appreciation - it's just that I'm a bit overwhelmed by knitting right now. I spent a lot of time yesterday, and even what I could this morning, trying to finish my Jacobean socks before the Sock Madness pattern arrived. I woke up early to squeeze in some knitting before work, and I knit as I walked around campus. But it wasn't quite enough. I came so close to finishing, but now these socks will have to go on hold while I knock off Sock Madness, Round I.

That pattern arrived about 1:00 this afternoon, but I wasn't able to start knitting until I got home around 5:30. This is the result of an evening's work on the "Zombie Socks" pattern. It's a "scary" pattern due to the dropped stitches, but is fairly simple - and I'm not sure if my new Tofutsies is very Zombie-like.

I'm learning that intense knitting stops being fun after awhile. But I'm going to keep going, because I'd hate to get knocked out in round 1!


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