Thursday, January 17, 2008

On the Twenty-Fourth Day of Christmas...

I finished my Christmas socks.

They're a little bit late, but they're done - a heavily-modified variant of the Shimmer Socks from MagKnits, made from Crystal Palace Panda Wool.

This is a beautiful yarn, but it's more than a little tricky to work with. It's frail and prone to splitting, but it's delightfully soft and has a lovely shimmer. This colorway was rather more enchanting in the ball than it is in the sock, so I think I'm still looking for the perfect Panda Wool pattern - and the perfect Christmas Sock.

The finished socks had their first picture taken with Purdue Pete, in a campus cafeteria. The cafe is a project for hospitality management students, and this semester, it's my office. I've been knitting during my officially scheduled office hours, and today Alsatia joined me, so we're very near to forming a daytime knitting circle. It turns out there's a group of about 15 knitters from the Consumer & Family Sciences department who get together regularly, so I'll have to keep an eye out for them.

Now I'm on to finishing other projects - starting with my new toe socks. And I've picked up a replacement needle for Oscar's last chew toy, so I can resume work on my Kauni Cardigan. The next challenge will be trying to avoid starting too many projects - I just bought the Fiber Fish pattern, so now I'm searching for the perfect fish-colored yarn. Anyone know what color wool fish are supposed to be?



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