Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Old Socks, New Socks

What's the best way to celebrate the New Year? With socks, of course!

My Christmas socks accompanied me to a New Year's Eve party, and while I wasn't knitting exactly at midnight (you can't knit and hold champagne), I came pretty close. (Yes, that's an otter in a Santa hat next to the TV. The hostess has something of an obsession.) In spite of the scary weather, we said a festive (and fibery) goodbye to 2007.

The Christmas Socks are progressing nicely, and may even be done by 12th Night. I finished the first one while in Georgetown, and did a little work on the second on the trip home. I might have had more progress to show, but I spent yesterday at River Knits helping Elizabeth the Enabler do inventory. Sure, it was a fun day, and sure, she promised pizza and yarn credit. But we all know her real purpose was to lure us in to touch all the yarn. I think my wish list may have grown a bit. Anyone know what Alpaca Silk is good for?

Today it was time to ring in the new, also with fiber. I was up in time for the Rose Parade (something I never managed when I was younger - I guess I must have partied more seriously back then), so that allowed a nice block of knitting time. I believe the sock is enjoying the performance by the University of Illinois marching band here. I'm sad that the Fighting Illini didn't walk away victorious, but it's not as if the Big Ten can ever expect a fair fight in a Rose Bowl.

The first socks (the first-started socks, anyway) of 2008 will be a new set of toe socks, made from the Regia Silk yarn Aaron brought back from Germany.
These self-patterning yarns are always a fun surprise; this one has a lot less black and white than I expected. They'll be on hold while I finish the Christmas socks, but I should have them done before Aaron returns from his next trip - I cast on the last pair while I was going out to visit last October, and finished the first sock a week later, on the flight home. I just love the idea of having silk toe socks!

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