Monday, January 14, 2008

Shamelessly Stolen

I've stolen this idea for a post from Amanda, but she stole it from someone else, so it's probably ok. Besides, I haven't made any real knitting progress - it took me three days to turn the heel on my Christmas sock - so I'm sort of fishing for material here.

On My Bedside Table:
Real Simple: Travel
Eat, Pray, Love

Next Up from Netflix:
No Netflix. But maybe I'll try to watch "Ratatouille"

Latest Interests:
Hoping to make more beads
Household organizing and getting rid of stuff
Figuring out this Etsy thing (see above)

On My Mind:
The Jewish Studies job search
Aaron's job search
Finding a class schedule I like
Super Tuesday

American popular culture
To eat vegetables
More German, maybe

More pouches from Omiyage
Christmas Socks
Kauni Cardigan
A "Jews in Indiana" lecture
Plan B for Super Bowl Sunday

Looking Forward To:
The Gladsheim party - I'll finally meet some of the Viking re-enactors I've been e-mailing
My Sockday!

Chef Boyardee Pizza, which I only make when Aaron's out of town
Chocolate Chip cookies, leftover from preparing travel provisions

Amused By:
The VeryBadDogs


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