Sunday, December 23, 2007

Last-minute gifts

How is it that the last-minute knitting list, in a year when I hadn't planned to knit anything for anyone, grows faster than it's finished? I think, in spite of that, that I'm almost done.

One facecloth (the Annie Washcloth) has turned into two, for two sisters:

And two is about to turn into three (one for Aaron's grandmother):

(The ornament in the first picture is one of the fibery projects I'd planned for this Christmas - I'm working on a whole collection of them.)

For the sake of keeping up Christmas spirits, I'll also share these pictures of the fabulous job my parents' neighbors do with their holiday decorating:

Notice the Grinch. When we saw these foil trees in the stores, we wondered who'd buy them. Ok, we wondered who the #&$#! would buy them. Now we know, and I have to admit they're somewhat majestic when combined with all this other holiday glory.

And it's all lit up at night. With music, and motion. I wish I could get a better video without looking like I'm casing the place for a robbery.

So Merry Christmas, from my anonymous neighbors' house to yours!


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