Thursday, January 03, 2008

Leisure Socks

Classes start on Monday, and I had to return to work today, so yesterday Aaron & I took the dogs and the Christmas sock back down to Indianapolis for a last hurrah before Christmas break ends. While the dogs enjoyed some quality time helping Grandma with the Christmas leftovers, we visited the art museum's "Roman Art from the Louvre" exhibit. Alas, photography of borrowed collections is prohibited, so I didn't get to sneak the socks next to the statues for any "what they really wore under those sandals" pictures.

Afterwards we headed downtown to Agio for dinner, and to enjoy the loungeriffic music of the Leisure Kings. Sean Baker (the one holding the sock) is a friend from high school, so he didn't flinch when I asked him to pose with a sock. Sean always wanted to grow up to be Henry Mancini. He danced the Charleston at prom. He loves smoking jackets. The sock isn't really that weird, by comparison.

Oddly, Sean is the straight man for this group, so to speak. He plays keyboards while Michael Wiltrout (the one with the yarn) sings more-or-less contemporary songs, arranged in lounge fashion. We were treated to swanky renditions of "Mr. Roboto, " "It Ain't Easy Bein' a Pimp," and a special performance of "These Boots are Made for Walkin'," by a 70-year-old lounge singer who was delightfully dressed in white leather and spiky-heeled boots. (Samples are available on their website, should it be impossible to imagine this.) If I had to pick a highlight, it would be that Michael played the Theremin....I've thought before that it would be really cool to learn to play the Theremin, and I've never seen one played before. (I've read that one must have an excellent sense of pitch to play the Theremin, so it's probably not in the cards for me. Besides, the dogs would howl along when I practiced.)

I probably should focus more on the music than on a minor instrument - but hey, it's a Theremin. (Did I mention that Lenin played the Theremin? Or that Theremin himself was an espionage expert? There's a fabulous book available for further reading.) Let me just say that I've gained a new appreciation for the lyrics of several popular songs, even if I'm not cool enough to know what's popular. Perhaps I'll look for some go-go boots for the next visit. Or some lounge attire to match the Christmas socks.

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