Monday, January 07, 2008

Secret Pals

This is a long-overdue report on our River Knits Secret Pal Reveal Party, but since I haven't made any significant sock progress I need something to cover.

So back in December, we hosted the party to end our fall Secret Pal exchange. For Aaron, this meant lots of cleaning and cooking so his apartment could be taken over by a bunch of women he doesn't know. For me, it meant getting cool stuff. And he'll be out of town for the Super Bowl, so I won't even be making up for it later.

Lots of cleaning. It's really the major benefit to entertaining - that it forces us to actually put stuff away. Since I hadn't really done this since moving, the incentive was a good thing. And I was surprised by how much there was to do - did anyone know that lampshades have to be dusted and de-furred? Can you see the line between the fur and no-fur sections? And remember, Aaron's not even getting any yarn out of this.

So once all the cleaning and cooking (roast beef, potato soup, and rum cake - guess what I made?) was done, everyone had a good time. Even the dogs were reasonably well behaved after an initial burst of energetic greeting - I don't think anyone had food or yarn stolen. There were lots of neat gifts, including some cool handmade things - but I'll let the recipients post about them.

And with all secrets revealed, I learned that my Secret Pal, the creative creator of the "Very Bad Dog Proof Sock Jar," was the fabulous Heather. She organized and was my giftee in the first River Knits Secret Pal exchange - I think the ante has gone up a bit since then, since I wound up with this lovely book. Not only is it a stitch dictionary, which I don't have and need, it's even focused on the textured patterns I like best. That may not stop me from collecting the rest of the set, but this is definitely the best start.
Thanks, Heather! I hope everyone had fun with Secret Pals, and that we'll all be able to play again next year.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, this is Sue at the HSSE reference desk. Your blog is very cute. See you on Sunday when I relieve you at 6. Maybe I will remember my doll (Paulette) so you can have a look at her for possible sizing needed to knit some things for her.

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