Sunday, January 06, 2008


With Christmas over, it's time to take down all the decorations. For once, I've done that reasonably close to Twelfth Night - everything's packed up, and ready to be tucked away for next year. (I would have done this yesterday, but I was busy...and I wasn't at home last night, so that doesn't count as Twelfth Night.) I've even finished most of the leftovers, so that's a good ending to Christmas.

Well, almost everything is finished. The Christmas socks aren't quite done yet. I knitted as fast as I could, but they're just now ready for the heel. So it looks like I'll be extending the Christmas season to Candlemas, and I'm sure I'll have these socks finished by then - all ready for next year. Or else maybe they'll be Candlemas socks, since I'm surely hoping for a cold day then.

I did the largest chunk of this knitting over the weekend, because Sheryl invited the whole Sockday Club to join her for a slumber party to celebrate her 55th birthday. Knitting and drinking may not be the traditional 12th Night celebration, but it's a good one. I don't have many pictures to show, for the sake of all participants, but here are a couple:

Sheryl said she didn't want gifts, but that didn't rule out party favors. So a quick trip to Kipp Brothers yielded these, in honor of her non-knitting work. Besides, they're just cool - and the monster eyeballs glow in the dark! I know these aren't especially knitting related, but I just love my picture of a cookie tin full of eyeballs.

And this is knitting related, but just doesn't look it. I'm not going to write its name here, because I don't want to come up on those kinds of searches. Just imagine this tube filled with "cherry-flavored orange wine" that's been gelled and fortified, and packaged in a box labeled "Takes Two To Do!" Imagine something that tastes like jello made from cherry Ny-Quil. Imagine these doled out to a group of happy knitters, most of whom had the foresight to bring a very simple knitting project along. And understand why you don't get pictures.

Now imagine this same tube carefully rinsed out, and full of double-pointed needles. Much better, isn't it?


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