Thursday, May 17, 2007


Es ist Spargelzeit in Niedersachsen! There's fresh asparagus everywhere, most importantly on my plate. I've enjoyed four spargel meals since I've been here, plus some bites on the side. Most of the local asparagus is white, and has to be peeled, but the green stuff is available, too. Yes, we bought some. It's traditionally served with boiled potatoes, hollandaise sauce, and a delicious salted Ammerlander ham. Even Aaron, who's not much of a vegetable fan, agrees that asparagus is pretty tasty when served with hollandaise sauce and salted ham. He'd probably say the same thing about wet newspaper, but I prefer the spargel.

Some of the restaurants in Niedersachsen have a great offer - the Niedersachsenteller - the Lower Saxony Plate. For 10 euros, you get something that's a local speciality. It's also seasonal - hence the spargel. So this is a great deal - not only is it really good food, but often you wouldn't eat in these restaurants for 10 euros. And it's something local, so it's a good chance to absorb the local culture.

It's often billed as a "small portion" of another dish. I offer this example of a "small" portion, from the Oldenburg Ratskeller. I'm really not sure what a larger one would look like.



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I've never tried white asparagus but I certainly love the green stuff!!

I have read your blog about some of the sock books...what is your opinion on the Charlene Schurch books?

Your Hurricane Sock Swap Pal.

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