Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Basic Training

It's almost time for Boot Camp for Socks! So my socks are getting ready for boot camp by visiting a famous American military installation, Checkpoint Charlie. Note my spiffy pink "Boot Camp For Socks" T-Shirt from the Southwest Trading Company. Sam will be wearing one of these, soon.

There isn't much left at Checkpoint Charlie anymore - just a couple of re-created "You Are Now Leaving The American Sector" signs, and this little hut in the middle of an otherwise busy street. One thing they haven't done in the 17 years since reunification is add traffic lights to this point of the former border, so what was once one of the most tightly controlled crossings in the world is now a chaotic mess of an urban intersection.

Incidentally, this is just about the only sun we saw in Berlin. I wish I could knit socks as fast as I can wear them.

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