Thursday, May 03, 2007

I am....

Wednesday Blog Challenge #9 is to write a list of statements, alternating "I am..." with "I am not...."

I am writing an essay on Berlin.
I am not a camera.

I am in Oldenburg right now.
I am not sure what we'll be doing tomorrow.

I am working on three pairs of socks.
I am not excluding the possibility of a fourth.

I am a person who loves gadgets and organizing tools.
I am not organized or neat.

I am a knitter, a lampworker, and an embroiderer.
I am not artistically talented, at all.

I am an avid reader.
I am not really into comic books, yet.

I am a Republican.
I am not voting for McCain, Guliani, or Romney, and I did not, and would not ever, vote for G.W. Bush.

I am a dog lover.
I am not a cat person, or at least I try not to be, since I'm allergic.

I am allergic to olives.
I am not especially troubled by this.

I am a leadfoot.
I am not, alas, a sports car owner.

I am about to go to bed.
I am not a morning person.



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