Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Last Minute

I only have a couple of days left in Germany, so we tried to squeeze in some last-minute fun. We got up this morning and headed to Bremen, for lunch in their c. 1450 Ratskeller. Aaron not only bought me a delicious lunch, he thoughtfully held up the sock so I could take its picture in front of a 18th-century wine barrel. The Ratskeller offers delicious food and wine, in a delightful setting. Bremen's weather didn't quite compare, so it wound up being a 40-minute train ride just for lunch

When we got back to Oldenburg, we figured out that tomorrow is a major holiday, Himmelfahrt (Ascension Day). Oops! It turns out that everything is closed for Himmelfahrt, and I'd planned to do all of my shopping tomorrow. So with just a couple of hours to spare, we descended upon a rain-soaked city center to squeeze in two weeks' worth of delayed souvenir shopping. This is the result.

16 skeins of yarn, including some delightful Italian cotton, a bamboo blend, and a fun Regia sock pattern. I couldn't resist the sets of double-pointed needles held together with rubber socks, so one of them joined the stash. A little bit of this is for my Hurricane Sock Pal, but I'm afraid the rest is all mine, my precioussss.

Just in case that wasn't enough yarn, let me show this. Or show off. Aaron's been watching the yarn sales, so when he found this nice thick wool blend for 50 cents a skein (yes, that's 50 cents. You can see the price tag.) he snapped it up. Bringing the grand total to 22 skeins of yarn acquired on this trip.

And yarn wasn't the only thing I bought. I've been trying to avoid collecting too much stuff, and I just assume that anyone I might buy gifts for is doing the same. But chocolate is a consumable souvenir. We may or may not wait until I return to do the consuming.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh MY!!! Love the stash...and 50 cent yarn???? And you didn't buy their entire inventory?? LOL!! Looks like you are a good shopper!!

I am almost finished with your Hurricane sock, just received a special pkg. that I had ordered...hoping that you will like it....shopped around for a few other goodies to add to the mix.....looking forward to June 1st to get it all in the mail to you and hope that you enjoy!!

I would LOVE to visit a foreign country like Germany!! I understand it is an absolutely beautiful country!!

Your Hurricane Sock Pal!

8:11 AM  

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