Saturday, April 21, 2007

Why Dogs Love the Mailman

Today's mail brought a box from my Secret Pal, a tantalyzingly cinnamon-cented box that had my nose twitching almost as much as the dogs'. I couldn't wait to find out what was inside. This time there was a red-and-black theme - all sorts of interesting-looking packages in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

The most important question, of course, was to find out what was in those doggie-decorated Chinese take-out boxes. Especially when they turned out to say "Max" and "Oscar". Since the dogs don't have thumbs, I did my own investigating, and found two festive bags of Milk-Bones! I have happy dogs tonight.

I was pleased to see that I wasn't totally left out in the treat department. Yummy SweetTarts in an Easter assortment which means NO orange candy. I hate orange-flavored candy. Then there's the means for making more treets - a "mini Romantic" cookie cutter set. I wonder if I'll have to find time to make cookies before I go see Aaron? And the source of the cinnamon scent was revealed - a little bag of funky-looking crystals, with a very potent aroma. It's destined for my knitting bag, so all my yarn will smell nice.

One of Max's recent bad deeds is undone with this, a new Chibi just for me. Since Max is napping while I type this, I've already had this Chibi longer than I had the last one. It will come in handy for sewing up the toes on the socks I'll certainly make from this new sock yarn! (Does that sound like part of a "Price is Right" showcase?)

Then there's the big package, which also proves to be for me. (You never know...lots of people like the dogs best!) It's an artist's portfolio with colored pencils and a sketch pad, so I can doodle knitting designs (and maybe even attempt something more artistic) to my heart's content.

The one thing missing from this package is clues. The return address is from Texas, but I've had hints that she might be from Oklahoma. It's more German yarn - is she a traveler, too? Or does she live near a cool yarn shop? She must have a bit of a crafty streak, to be so delightfully indulgent with the doggie decorations.

Whoever you are, thank you! This is a great package, and I know I'll enjoy all the goodies. The dogs have already helped me get started.

I'm not the only one who thanks you. Max is making it very clear that he's being good, in hopes that he'll get a sample of whatever's in that box. Oscar, on the other hand, is working on enhancing his EvenWorseDog reputation.

And from Oscar, we learn that some things smell more intriguing than doggie treats. But he still enjoyed the Milk-Bones, too. So from all of us, thank you!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you and "the boys" enjoyed everything!! I forgot to put one thing in the box so I already have a head-start on the next one!!


9:43 PM  

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