Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Who, Me?

Heather's Wednesday Blog Challenge #8 is to "write about one of (or some of!)the things you did wrong when you were a kid." Surely she jests! Me, do something wrong?

I'm trying to think back to things that would be both wrong and amusing, and it's hard to get anything from when I was too young - but here goes:

The single stupidest thing I ever did - and it was mostly my idea - was "turtling." This involved sitting on the window ledge of a car, and leaning back into the wind, while the driver attempted to get the car up to at least 62.5 miles an hour (because 100 km/hr is fine, but 100 mi/hr would be stupid, right?). We even made little cards, so everyone who did it got one. "You have to stick your neck out to have a good time," right, Wally? Boy, it was fun, but it probably would've been safer and smarter if I'd just toked up some reefer or gone to a keg party. Some people worry that their children shouldn't be exposed to books about sex, or violence, or drugs, or alcohol. Trust me, Yeager and The Right Stuff are every bit as dangerous.



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