Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sensational Socks

My anonymous Hurricane Sock Pal asked what I thought of Charlene Schurch's books. I'm afraid I can't offer a colorful rant like I did for Nancy Bush.

I own Sensational Knitted Socks, and I like it. It's not the one sock book I'd want on a desert island (Socks Socks Socks gets that designation), but I think it's useful. I have at least two pairs of socks-in-progress based on her patterns. There are changes I'd make to the pattern for one set, my current traveling socks, but I'll talk more about that once the socks are done.

I've looked at More Sensational Knitted Socks, but it hasn't found a place on my must-buy list yet. It seems to be more of the same, and I think I might be better served by a more generic pattern library. The collection of heel and toe techniques is my favorite part of SKS, and so I don't know how much I need the new patterns. The heel flap I prefer for toe-up socks isn't in the book, but she can't include them all (I like the one from these Roman Rib Socks). So a copy may find its way into my shopping basket eventually, and if one turned up in my library it's likely I'd make use of it.

I don't know who the best audience is for these books. I think the ideal user would be someone who likes a lot of hand-holding, but who doesn't mind reading directions. I tend to totally ignore the gauge charts, going with the assumption that Most Socks Fit, one way or another. Assuming that Most Socks Fit - or Most Socks Fit Someone - gives me rather more freedom to pull designs from everywhere, although it may not always lead to perfect socks. For perfect socks, for the feet they're supposed to fit, SKS offers a really great how-to. And a lot of the patterns are pretty, too.


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