Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Heather's Wednesday Blog Challenge #7 is a list of quirks. Am I quirky?

1. When I'm learning a new skill (like knitting) I usually try to do it left-handed first. But I'm not left-handed.

2. I make Max faces when I'm thinking about something.

3. I like my servings of food to balance out - so that I don't, for example, run out of potatoes before I've finished the steak.

4. I want my drinks without ice. And my meat well-done. And the Daquiri Ice scoop always goes on top of Jamocha Almond Fudge scoop at Baskin-Robbins.

5. All dogs are nice dogs.

6. I tend to use a lot of ellipses and dashes when I write, even academically.

7. I love colored pens/pencils/markers. I always have a rainbow pencil in hand when I'm reading for school. My calendar entries are color coded, thanks to a mini 4-color pen, and marked with stickers as appropriate.

8. The stuffed fish my mother made me when I was 7 still lives in my bed. At least, he does when the dogs aren't trying to steal him. He travels with me pretty regularly, too. He was with me when I was following the Grateful Dead, and I once took him to the Newport Aquarium so I could take his picture with the real fish. Before George W. Bush became President, my fish had been abroad more than he had.

Is that enough? Naturally, I can't think of many - but maybe I'll be told about more.

In other news, Emily, one of the Hurricane Sock Party participants, has just rescued three abandonded dogs. So if you live near Alabama, perhaps you need an adorable dog or two (or three) in your home. Go check out Emily's blog, and enjoy the adorable pictures!



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