Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Break

Since we're supposed to update this regularly for Secret Pal 10, I'll post even though I don't have new knitting content.

This week is Purdue's spring break, but I'm already done with all the vacation I'll get. Tomorrow is back to work at the library....3 long days of very little to do. The good news is 1) I just bought a new iPod Shuffle to help keep me entertained, and 2) we're getting a new printing system. This is good news, because it will stop people who take advantage of our public computers to print stuff without paying for it - removing one of the major headaches of my job.

I bought the Shuffle so I could listen to language recordings, but I'm already in love. I want to listen to music all the time now...even though my very generous playlist doesn't begin to fill it. I feel like I'm 19.

Today was the most amazingly beautiful spring day. I've gone from feeling a desperate need to make more warm wool socks to wanting more lightweight socks. The nice days won't last, but maybe it's still time to start thinking cotton.



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