Friday, February 23, 2007

Knit in a Wigwam

How cool is this? We spent the night at Wigwam Village #2, the pride of Cave City, KY. If you've seen Cars, the Cozy Cone Motel was inspired by this roadside attraction.

There's a wonderful book by David Macaulay, Motel of the Mysteries, in which he speculates about what future archaeologists might think about 20th century motels. I wonder what they'd do with Wigwam Village. Visiting Cave City is definitely like a trip back in time.

Karen & I were the only guests at Wigwam Village last night, but they say it's insanely busy during the summer. Here she is in front of our concrete home-away-from-home, Wigwam #6.

Kentucky's Wigwam Village is the oldest one left, and one of only 3 still standing. Each guest room is a free-standing concrete "wigwam," complete with its own bathroom. There's a central wigwam that once held a restaurant, two small wigwams for public restrooms, and a wonderful vintage playground.

No posting would be complete, of course, without a picture of my socks-in-progress. There was no good way to attach them to the wigwam for the picture, but here are the socks leaning against the too-modern air conditioner.



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