Saturday, February 24, 2007

Big Mo and Mammoth Cave

Yesterday my friend Karen and I visited Mammoth Cave and some of the delightful surrounding attractions in Cave City, KY.

We signed up for the Historic Cave Tour, a 2-mile trip in and out of the cave to see some of the things people have done to it. The equipment for mining saltpeter - which provided the gunpowder for the War of 1812 - is still there, as are the remains of a tuberculosis sanitarium.

The tour went pretty fast, so there was no time for knitting, but I made sure my socks visited the cave. The very blurry picture shows the sock with some "candle writing" - graffiti from the 1800s to 1860s.

The rest of Cave City is pretty delightfully tacky. Most of the attractions weren't open, but we stopped by Big Mike's store, which has a Moasaurus skull inside, and a lifesize model of "Big Mo" outside.



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