Friday, February 16, 2007

Sam's Sockday

Last Friday was Sam's sockday, for our Sock Day Club. We celebrated at Don Pablo's, and she left with seven pairs of new homemade socks.

These are the ones I made. They're Turkish-style, toe-up socks, made of Dale of Norway's Falk yarn. I sort of charted out the foot pattern, and sort of bluffed as I went along. The upper patterns are from various sources - I collect them wherever I find them and add them to my Stitch-n-Bitch journal. The heel pattern is my attempt to imitate the Wolverine football helmets. I don't know how successful I was.

You can see the socks on Sam's feet here. I see they're a little bit big right now. I'm finding it hard to knit for other people, because I like to try everything on as I go. I'm afraid of making something too small, but too big is the result.

I love Turkish socks, in part because you start with the toe. So by the time you get bored, you've made a lot of progress. I cast on for normal socks several times before I ever made it through the ribbing.

My plan is that everyone will get Turkish socks. The challenge is trying to come up with something new for each person. I've already rejected a couple of ideas for the next set, so I need to get busy and come up with something - the next sockday will be in May. I also have a real incentive to work fast...every sockday we move up brings us that much closer to mine!



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