Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Round Three

The Sock Madness pattern for Round Three was released yesterday, and so far it's coming along nicely.

This round's pattern is Talia's Wings, a delightful combination of knits, purls, and small cables that produce a pattern that's been dubbed the "heart pattern" by many of the Sock Madness participants. This is the sort of pattern I really like - something that involves doing something stitch-wise, as opposed to just following a blocky chart of knits and purls. The sample was knit in pink, and since I had this pink sock yarn from Debbie's Fiberalong destashing, I couldn't resist using it.

So far, the progress is good. I'd like to do 1/2 a sock a day - that should let me finish in the top 12.

I spent the weekend knitting on other projects, keeping the momentum going. Plus, I need to finish lots of things so I can start new projects, just in case I make it to some of the higher rounds of Sock Madness.

Here's my progress on the cardigan. Nearly three balls are in the back, which doesn't make things look too promising for the front. The one person on Ravelry who had a ball in "For Sale or Trade" has replied that she can't find it, so there's no luck in that direction. I stopped in at Ewe Knits in Normal just to see if they had any yarn that closely resembled this, and the woman there recommended that I call Knit Picks to see if they have a stash. So that's probably my next call, once I've finished the Sock Madness round.

I've made good progress on the Spring Forward socks, too. On Saturday, we drove up to Rock Island for a concert by Jason Isbell and Justin Townes Earle, so I got to knit for the whole trip there and during some of the concert. It was a fun show - I'd definitely go see either one of these guys again, especially Earle, especially if they were closer to home. Next time around, maybe I'll even get them to hold the sock for a picture.


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