Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SP 12 Reveal

I'm back home, and remembered to bring my camera with me, so that means I can show this:

My final package from my SP12 Pal!

There's a teddy bear from California's Governor's Council on Physical Fitness - that's right, get fit with Arnold! Then there are some yummy bath products, and some beautiful blue and orange yarn. I have more handspun!

This stuff is a cabled yarn - which my pal thought I'd know about, but I didn't....so now I have yarn and I've learned something. Basically, it's two 2-ply yarns spun together to make a 4-ply yarn. It's very nice.

So now you want to know who's responsible for all this great stuff? I couldn't wait to find out, either! My lovely SP12 pal is BrookeKnits, from California. She's a dog lover, too, and she has a quite a sense of fun, as some of the anonymous comments here will reveal. She also knits Socks for Soldiers - which I've been meaning to do, but never actually done. Now you can help me get started, Brooke! And thank you!

My project lately has been dog ears. Not turning down the corners of library books - trying to come up with the perfect crocheted dog ear. The ear on the right is according to the pattern for my Zero dog. I think it's a bit too long and skinny, so the one on the left is my revised design. I've been trying to get the VeryBadDogs to hold still and model, but they're really not interested in getting involved with a knitting project in a helpful way. So this is a best guess.

I have just half an ear and a pumpkin nose to go, and then Zero will be finished! In plenty of time before Halloween!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Socks for Soldiers (SFS) is a very rewarding experience. Make sure you join the one with Kim O as the founder. There are other groups that are similar..we knit regulation socks from a pre-approved yarn list. We commit to knitting 20 min per day.. it should take 2 weeks at that rate to knit a pair of socks, but apparently I am worlds slowest knitter..ha ha ha

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