Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sharing Secrets

I got a wonderful package today from my SP 12 pal! She sent some fabulous and fun goodies, and the dogs were thrilled because they got thoroughly petted by the mail carrier, once I convinced her that they don't really want to bite anyone.

But I can't show off any pictures of all these great goodies, because my camera is still in Illinois. So I'll let the post where I say a bunch of nice things about my secret pal wait until I retrieve the camera next week. Believe me, nice things are coming.

Since the Secret Pal secrets are out now, I can share something I'm ridiculously proud of - these mini socks, which I made for my Secret Pal. She mentioned that she was just learning to knit socks - and, well, I thought that was something to be encouraged. Some people might even say I have something of an obsession with sock knitting.

So I did these, a baker's dozen of mini socks, to fit on a mini sock blocker keychain. Each one is labeled with its yarn, to help her decide what sort of socks she wants to knit next. I included a ball of Tofutsies with the package, just to offer a little further guidance - not that there aren't lots of other nice sock yarns in my closet available, but I'm quite fond of Tofutsies.

This was a good project for me, too. I learned that it takes about an hour to knit a small sock. I also learned that I really need to get going on sock knitting, because quite a few of these are made from stash yarns that I hadn't used yet. Now I know what I'm looking forward to, and I can't wait. Boy oh boy, the Jitterbug is going to be fun. And the Cherry Tree Hill. And the bamboo.

But all of those will wait. Now my attention turns to my HSKS 6 knitting, and my Zero dog, and one or two other projects. Maybe three.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, those socks are so cute! They'll make great ornaments on a tree!


9:21 PM  
Blogger Lavender A said...

That's a GREAT idea for a new sock-knitter.

12:33 PM  

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