Saturday, May 24, 2008


Here's something you don't knit every day:

Knitted pasties. For the Knit Girls exchange on Ravelry.

These are Brittany Wilson's Starfish Pasties, made with some of Lion Brand's "Thick -n- Quick" Chenille yarn. Normally I wouldn't use such a thing, but I was a little worried that wool pasties might not be too comfortable. The beads in the center may make them look more like flowers than starfish, but the shell charms I'd planned to use just didn't look as nice.

Why pasties? "Why not?" seems to be the motivating factor in the exchange. That, and all the naughtiness complaints every time shows an inch of skin. These are intended to cover about an inch and a half of skin - did you know that pasties come in sizes?

I do have to say that the pasties exchange is really cheering my feminist heart. Lots of women are modeling theirs with pride, and very few of them fit the modern standard of feminine beauty. I don't think I'll be posing for any pin-up shots with mine, but they'll be a lot of fun to have.

They're definitely fun to knit! You can complete a set of pasties in about an hour - choosing a pattern took longer. It's a real shame I can't use these as Christmas gifts for the whole family.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

crazy!! I got the link from another blog in sp 12 - i guess you'd hve to know where to buy boob glue, but I think they'd be a hit at the tannning salon!!

6:15 PM  

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