Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weapon in Progres

In spite of all the excitement, I'm making some progress on the "Detonator" socks. Sock 1 is finished, so now it's time for me to start Sock 2.

This pattern is proving to be pretty unpopular. After putting down the knitting long enough to read Ravelry, I realized that I probably haven't been doing it right. We've been getting "clarifications" like "substitute 'left' for 'right,'" which seem more like pretty major corrections to me. But it's a sock, and it looks nice enough, and it more or less fits except for being too long, but since it's not supposed to fit me, that part's OK. Now I just have to hope that my assassin is having even more trouble - and that her assassin isn't having any trouble at all!

The real downside to these things is that how fast I knit doesn't really matter - it's all about the other people, and there's nothing I can do to slow them down.

I had another project completely finish today - I received offprints for the article I contributed to Magill's Choice: Holocaust Literature. I submitted the article last summer, and now the book is in print - I'll have my own copy soon! This is my first real publication, so I'm a bit more excited than one might normally be about an offprint for an encyclopedia article. I'm sure I'll get more jaded eventually.

Then again, I love every new sock, so maybe not.


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Oooh congratulations about being published!!

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