Sunday, May 04, 2008


So this morning I mentioned that I wanted to make some treats to deliver to the local Obama office, and Aaron said, "why don't you call and see if they'd like us to bring dinner, instead?"

They said yes. So Aaron spent the day making baked pasta, and I put together some pineapple upside-down cakes, and some bread machine bread. We packed the whole lot up and delivered it to the office, somewhat assuaging my guilt for not spending a lot of time knocking on doors.

The volunteers were really happy with the food (and I'm pretty happy with Aaron, for supporting my Obamamania). There was a huge bunch of people there - locals, and people from Iowa, Chicago, and South Carolina. People are coming to Lafayette from all over to help with this election - it's pretty exciting.

One of the volunteers from Chicago gave us these as a thank-you. She'd commissioned the cookies from a friend, and the friend's daughter made the little thank-you notes.

The notes are on our refrigerator. We've put the cookies away until Tuesday. I hope we'll be enjoying them with Champagne!


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