Friday, May 09, 2008

The Detonator

I've barely recovered from Hat Attack, and now it's time for a new knit-to-kill event.

I give you The Detonator, my weapon for Sock Wars III. The objective is to knit two socks and mail them off to my designated victim - bleusheep from North Carolina - before somebody can do me in. I wish I'd lied and said I had really big feet.

The pattern is supposed to be reminiscent of comic book explosions, so I've bypassed the officially-recommended One Foot in the Grave colorway to use this one, which I think looks comic-bookish. This represents knitting my way from Indianapolis to Toledo, OH - I let Aaron drive my brand new car, so I could knit!

I doubt I'll get the socks in the mail tomorrow, but we're doing enough traveling that I hope I'll be ready to send them off on Monday. Prepare to die, bleusheep!


Blogger Bleusheep said...

Sleep, you need sleep... very sleepy. Do your hands hurt? You should take a break, really.
Your caring friend - bleusheep

7:26 AM  

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