Friday, May 02, 2008

Not Wool

And to think that I've always thought a $100 trip to the yarn store was kind of extreme.

I'll have to avoid visits to the yarn store for awhile, I think. I just bought this.

It's a 1997 Honda Civic, which makes it 8 years newer than my current car, and 100,000 fewer miles. It also has all four head/taillights, a fully-attached bumper, and a sunroof that doesn't leak. Much as I love the old Accord, I think I have to call this a step up. I've named her Lucy, because she's a little bit feisty, and looks pretty good for an aging redhead.

Shopping for a car wasn't nearly the ordeal I feared - at least not the way it ended. I'd been doing a lot of looking online, to the point of nearly being burned out thinking about cars. But we'd already planned our trip to go shopping. So Thursday we spent the day looking around Lafayette, not finding much. One dealer wanted $3950 for an Accord that was a year younger than mine - and that otherwise looked more or less the same (except for the busted-out light and the dangling bumper). We also spotted a 10-year-old car with no air conditioning for $7000. I don't think they're going to get any takers for that, especially if these sunny days keep up. Another dealer had a reasonable supply of reasonably cheap cars, and briefly tempted me with a PT Cruiser - until I saw the gas mileage.

So then we headed down to Indianapolis, for another round of shopping on Friday. The first place I wanted to visit was in a scary neighborhood, and closed. So I went to check my last reasonable option, Penske Honda. They're in one of Indy's northern suburbs, so I knew they weren't likely to have many cars in my price range, but there was one on the internet that looked perfect.

When we got there, it had been sold. Then there was another car that looked pretty good - but they couldn't find the keys for it. So they offered me a pretty good deal on this one, and I was pretty happy to accept. It's an automatic transmission, but otherwise it's pretty exactly what I was looking for.

This is Larry, who sold the car to me. We accomplished the entire transaction without any of the "let me go 'talk to the manager' while you wait for 30 minutes" nonsense I was dreading. I test drove the car, he made a good offer, and I wrote a check and claimed the keys. They even cleaned up the car for me, and topped off the gas tank before I picked it up.

It has a good-sized trunk, and the back seats fold down to hold more cargo. I can't wait for the car's first Fiber Fair!

Oh, yeah, and Aaron bought a whole bunch of beer today. More beer and beer supplies than the two of us could carry in one trip. So maybe my yarn purchases aren't that extreme.


Blogger Eric Fischer said...

I can't believe the Accord lasted so long!

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Tyra Shortino said...

Do you still have this car? Having a good-sized trunk would be very convenient for every Fiber Fair, and of course, for Aaron’s beer supply. But when the beer runs out, more space would be available for your yarns, right?

6:56 PM  

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