Thursday, April 24, 2008

As a Doornail

See where feeling good about a knitting contest gets you?

The U.S. and Canadian postal services worked together to be much more efficient than they have in the past, and now I'm dead. I really should have sent my hat via Express Mail.

Naturally, the dogs had to interfere with our photography efforts. The hat has already been thoroughly licked - although I prefer to believe that, in this picture, Max is at my side out of concern, rather than because of any plan to eat me or my hat.

So kimothyjones is the Hat Attack winner - but I have a new purple hat!

At least I'm dead in a very nice way.

My "Hat of Damocles" comes from Rhiannonchan, who doesn't have a blog. It's made from Patons Classic Merino - a yarn I've just come to love over the course of this Hat Attack project - and Noro Kureyon, which I've often admired but never used. And it's a lovely springtime hat, although I hope that spring is far too well-entrenched for me to need it before next spring.

Perhaps the best part is knowing that I'll never have to knit one of these hats again. I think I might miss them.


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