Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fuzzy Green Leftovers

I may actually survive this Hat Attack thing. The WIP I was expecting has been deemed lost in the mail, so I got permission to cast on for yet another hat - Death Hat Six, just in case anyone's lost count.

Sooner or later my killing spree has to end, and I hope it's with this - Fuzzy Green Leftovers. Everyone knows that leftovers are dangerous when they look like this, right?

This hat is made with the leftover yarn from my five other Death Hats. I can safely call this the last hat, because there's only one person alive besides my victim.

Me. Wow.

After the disappointment of Sock Madness, it's kind of thrilling to think that I could win something - it's thrilling just to have made it this far.

I'm so excited that I put a pompom on the last hat! How's that for wild and crazy? It's fuzzier that way, too. I hope my victim likes fuzzy.

So now it's a battle of the Post Offices. I've been targeted by a weapon from Canada, so it may take its time getting here. I hope it takes a few more days. I resisted the temptation to send this hat via Express Mail - that seemed kind of unsporting, and expensive. But it's out of my hands, now. I'll just have to figure out what I want to knit while I wait.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the gorgeous hat!!! I love it with the pom pom and with out so I'm leaving it so I can take it on and off at will!

3:51 AM  

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