Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Next time I'm wearing the WonderBra

I've learned a lot in the course of my very minor involvement with the Obama campaign - some of which is likely to be useful for years to come.

I've learned the difference between a caucus and a primary, and what a caucus looks like.

I've learned how to ask people to contribute to a project, and how to encourage them to do boring stuff. I've learned that if you ask for what you want, you have a good chance of getting it.

I've learned how to organize people, and how important the details are when organizing events. I've learned that keeping things upbeat can go a long way towards keeping people happy in difficult circumstances. And, to a very small extent, I've been able to peek behind the curtain and see just how much work goes on to produce the magic that is a political campaign.

But today I learned an unexpected lesson - Wear The Good Bra.

Several of our local Democrats endorsed Barack Obama today. There was a small press conference, and I showed up to be part of a crowd of cheering students. And I was the only one wearing a "Students for Barack Obama" t-shirt.

The problem was that it was a regular t-shirt, not one of those lovely women's cut ones that actually flatters a female body. The other problem was that I really wasn't expecting my hooters to feature so prominently on the local news. But there they were, in all their glory, in a nice long shot that read "udents f rack Obam".

I wish I'd been wearing some cool knitwear, or that my sock-in-progress had been featured on TV. But I really wish I'd been wearing a WonderBra.


Blogger Michelle said...

ROFL. Sorry for your pain Laura even more sorry I missed seeing the news footage.

7:52 AM  

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