Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm not dead yet

Somehow, I manage to keep getting by without getting killed in Hat Attack.

A squishy package arrived in my mailbox the other day, but it wasn't aimed at me.

Nope, it was another work in progress - this one aimed at Jecca42 of Ravelry.

At first I was excited. If I'm going to have to keep knitting, it might be fun to win something for it - and this puts me just one hat away from tying for the "Most Hats Knit" title, I think.

Then I found out the downside - Jecca42 is an intern for the Obama campaign! Boy, I hate to kill her.

I did it anyway. But I included an Obama button in the package.

Binary Cable Hat #5, also in Patons Classic Merino. This is a pretty cool yarn. If I ever wanted to knit another hat, I might turn to it.


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