Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sorry, Boys!

So, today* I visited River Knits for my first Charity Knits ever, and worked on my Red Scarf. I'm making good progress, but having suddenly realized that the scarf is due October 15, I kind of wish I'd used a worsted weight yarn. But it's going to be a very pretty scarf.

And I picked up my second gift from my River Knits Secret Pal. And laughed. And laughed and laughed and laughed. I was a little bit concerned that it would be rude to open up my gift in front of non-participants, but now they've had a chance to see how entertaining a Secret Pal swap can be.

This round's theme was a "practical or useful" gift, and this is definitely something I'll find useful. It's a "Very Bad Dog Proof Sock Jar." (Note, please, that "Very Bad" modifies "Dog" - it is, in fact an excellent sock jar.) On the sides she's written "Sorry, Oscar!" and "Sorry, Max!" so they shouldn't feel to bad about not being able to get into it. It was almost a Laura-Proof Sock Jar as well; it seals so tightly that I had trouble figuring out how to open it.

Inside, there was a further treat - a beautiful set of Lantern Moon rosewood needles. I may have mentioned before that I've always admired beautiful wood needles, but I've never indulged myself because I feared doggie destruction. I didn't photograph the needles because the dogs were hanging around, but rest assured that they're lovely. And now I have a way to keep the needles safe, so I feel free to enjoy them...and perhaps even add to the collection!

I had to test it out, of course. I dropped in my Nile Sock, and set it down to see what would happen. There was a fair amount of interest (especially when I was trying to take pictures without dogs in them), but no intrusion. It works! Thanks, Secret Pal!

*It's been a very busy weekend, so I'm doing a lot of catch-up blogging. For the sake of style and sanity I'm posting things with the appropriate date, but know that "today" could easily mean "some time last week". But hey, what are a few days between friends?


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