Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It's Thanksgiving week, and we're leaving town tonight. We'll travel first to visit my family, then on down to Kentucky on Thanksgiving Day to see Aaron's family. We're loading up with baked goods and laundry and dog necessities - but I'm also putting together the most important packing list - my knitting.

I'm trying to do this somewhat compactly, so everything will (more or less) go in my Haiku Bag. I haven't really posted a lot of excited things about my new bag here, so I'll add a bit now. It looks like it's going to be a great knitting bag - it has lots of pockets, but is open enough to make it easy to carry around and knit without removing the yarn. It's also stain- and water-resistant.

But it's not going to be such a great purse, which I was hoping it would become. The color isn't the deep, subtle purple my monitor suggested - the real bag is a much lighter and brighter color, with earthy undertones, and a neon green strap. The pebble texture of the suede is much more prominent than I expected. So it's not really dignified enough - even for me - to carry every day.

It is, at least, a fine comprimise for travel, and now it's well filled. I hope I've stocked up on enough knitting for five days. I've packed Michelle's sockday socks (safely hidden in their bag), my second Evil Moccasin sock (If I ever knit another pair of these again it will be in cotton, so I can call 'em Cottonmouths), and my nearly-finished Nile sock. I've also added two brand-new balls of Panda Wool, just in at River Knits, which will become a special Christmas Sock after (and only after!) I've finished Michelle's socks.

The Panda Wool is my reward for fulfilling my yarn abstinence vow. After looking at pictures of the Xmas Rock from Socks that Rock, I got nervous. Some finished projects looked really nice, but others striped in really ugly ways, and that seemed like a really expensive chance to take. The Panda Wool is cheaper and locally purchased, and I really like its sheen (even if it does have some nylon blended in, which makes it less desirable to actually wear in the winter). I think it's going to become the Crystalline Lattice Socks, but I don't know how much time I'll have to change my mind before I finish Michelle's socks.

Last but not least, I'll show off my progress on the Kauni Cardigan - I'm starting to see a color change! It's not going to make the Thanksgiving trip with me since I really want to finish some socks, but it's knitting nice and quickly and I hope I'll be able to wear it this winter.


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