Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mmmm....sock yarn

This was Pamper Your Pal week for the River Knits Secret Pal exchange, and my Pal did a fabulous job.

Look at this. It's Alpaca Sox from Classic Elite Yarns, in the Peacock colorway. I wish there was a way to put a sample up on the blog, because it's amazingly, deliciously soft. I can't believe that anything this soft could be good for socks, but I'm going to enjoy trying it out. I'd noticed this on a recent trip to River Knits, but of course I'm staying true to my Yarn Abstinence Vow and didn't buy any (considering a later purchase doesn't count).

So now I get the yarn without breaking any yarn-related vows, making my upcoming Socks That Rock indulgence that much more likely. It's hard to get more decadent than that.

And look, the dogs are sitting together being quiet....even good. There was no growling at any time during the taking of this picture. Maybe the dogs are even trying to pamper me a bit.


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