Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What a Jewel!

My Hurricane Sock Swap package came last night - courtesy of the wonderful Darlene, owner of her own wool-eating dog named Max.

I think I got a little teary-eyed when I saw the socks. I can't believe she went to this much trouble for me. It's no secret that I've been longing to try Socks That Rock, but Darlene managed to track down my longed-for but unavailable colorway, Jewel of the Nile. All the Socks that Rock yarns are beautiful, so I'm falling in love with the names - and just like my Turkish Socks eventually got a surprise trip to Turkey, I'm hoping that maybe these socks will one day invoke an Egyptian voyage. Even if they don't, they're beautiful socks. She knitted a simple rib pattern - just enough to be interesting, while still simple enough to show off the sock colors. She thoughtfully left the toe ungrafted just in case I wanted to make something different (never!), but I'll finish that, and I can't wait to start on sock #2!

There were all sorts of other goodies, too. The mixed nuts and gummy bears probably won't be saved for hurricanes, since I don't want to have to wish for (or wait for) a hurricane to hit Indiana! There's another skein of sock yarn, in a beautiful colorway that is absolutely unlike anything I have in my stash. The second Nile sock will be made on the two circular Knitpicks needles, with funky purple cords. And there are two DPN storage cases - a big one, and a smaller one for travel! I needed these so much. It's no longer enough to take along a knitting project when traveling - ever since reading about the Yarn Harlot's horrible Chicago-Ann Arbor experience, I've made sure to take extra knitting, and spare needles just in case I buy yarn while I'm away. I hope I'll get lots of chances to use the travel case, even as I look forward to not having to travel to visit Aaron much longer.

It's probably redundant to say I'm thrilled with my Hurricane Sock package, but I'll say it anyway. Thank you so much, Darlene! Give Max a big snuggle from me and his wool-eating comrades.



Blogger Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Laura, I am so glad you like the Blue Moon yarn!!!

I am typically like a dog after a bone when it comes to finding something and I knew if I looked hard enough the "jewel" would appear!!! My feelings will not be hurt in the least if you choose to frog the sock and re-knit...as a matter of fact would love to see what you come up with. I thought if you had wanted this yarn for a long time you might also have a specific pattern in mind!

I was also tickled to find the DPN cases...especially the travel case with all the traveling you do!!

The other sock yarn is from a seller on Etsy...SUCH a sweet girl and she has so many wonderful yarn colors!! You can contact her, ask to be added to her email list and she will alert you when she has new listings.

I'm so glad I was able to find the items that you were most interested in, especially the Blue Moon and had such a great time!!!!

8:15 PM  

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