Sunday, October 14, 2007

Getting Ready

I sort of promised myself that I wouldn't cast on any more sweaters until I finished one. This didn't seem like a lot to ask, since I'd really like to finish the Sunrise Circle Jacket. But then River Knits announced the Scandinavian Knitting Club. So I really had no choice but to gear up to knit the Kauni Cardigan, did I?

I'm a little bit intimidated by steeks. Maybe even a lot intimidated. After all, I had to order this yarn from Germany and have Aaron use precious luggage space to haul it home, so I wouldn't want to screw up. So I'm going to need all the help I can get - which means I need to be knitting while the help is available.

That's what this is for. A swatch. A real swatch, washed and blocked, and knitted in the round just like the sweater will be. I even found a great video on Magic Loop knitting, so I could use the same needles for the swatch. Of course, I'm not getting gauge, but with a six-stitch pattern repeat adjustments should be easy.

So now I just have to decide, once and for all, how to set up the colors. I'll cast on in the next day or two, and hope I finish the project before Sheryl runs out of steeking patience.

Speaking of patience, I used up a bit of my own finishing my first Moccasin Sock - a leftover from July/August Sock Club. It fits better this time, but I'm still not sure I like the pattern. It may be fast to knit, but the holes around the heel still have to be fixed, and the gathered stitches around the toe seem very likely to cause blisters. But the yarn is pretty. Maybe they'll be my wear-around-the-house socks, since they'll be less likely to cause blisters without shoes - and it's OK if the soles wear out!


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