Friday, October 19, 2007

No Longer Clueless

I'm trying to atone for giving up on the Mystery Stole 3 by giving the yarn another chance to be a stole, and it's already made more progress than the last time around. I've joined Secret of the Stole, using the same yarn and beads, and I've finally finished Clue 1.

Clue 3 just came out, so I can't really claim that I've made serious progress, but I never got this far with the Mystery Stole.

I'm trying to guess what the theme might be. Something to do with royalty, somehow, but I don't know how it all ties together. Maybe it will be more clear once I've finished more of the stole. As long as there aren't any ballet cats, I'll be content. OK, a "show choir" stole would go back to the frog pond, too. But I'm not too worried about that.


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