Saturday, November 03, 2007

Catching Up

I've been sick for the past two weeks. Really sick. Too-sick-to-knit sick. And I had to have some tests done that precluded taking most OTC painkillers, requiring me to live for a week on bland food and codeine. So I haven't gotten much done, although I have learned a few things.

I learned that the dye in Bearfoot yarn isn't really colorfast. It's a little hard to see here, but the soles of my feet were blue. Bright blue. For several days. That's kind of a fun surprise. I invite you to imagine what Aaron must have thought about his sick girlfriend's mental state when I asked him, "before you go to sleep, could you take a picture of my feet?"

I've learned that I'm a bit uneasy about the Secret of the Stole. It's on hold while I check out the next few clues for reassurance. I'd been telling myself that I'm open minded about any pattern and theme, but now I'm not so sure. No picture yet, but I'll be sure to take one before it's consigned to the frog pond, or before I go on to the next clue.

I've been working my way through Cat Bordhi's new sock book. I note that Amazon doesn't discount it (and, for a long time, had trouble stocking it), so this one can be virtuously bought from a LYS without any concern about paying more. I, of course, wanted to support a local business...the need for instant sock gratification had nothing to do with my purchase.

These are the two practice socks - the Little Sky Sock and the Little Coriolis Sock. They're probably destined for the Christmas tree, since the dogs refused to model them. There are problems with both socks - mostly around the heels - but I think those will be overcome with a bit of tight knitting when using sock-sized yarn.

Now I've started a pair of Coriolis socks for myself, using the lovely rosewood needles from my River Knits Secret Pal. The yarn is Fleece Artist basic merino sock yarn in Hercules. I think I'll like these socks.

And I've learned that the Dog-Proof Sock Jar from my Secret Pal is going to come in very handy.


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