Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm Getting My Dogs Together and Taking Them On The Road

So my friend Karen sent me an e-mail, asking, "wanna take the dogs on a road trip?" Bear in mind that Karen isn't a knitter, but when I asked her "want to help me take a sock for a night out and take its picture?" she said yes. Not "yes, why?" Just "yes."

So of course I said yes. If she's crazy enough to want to spend time locked up in a car with the VeryBadDogs, who am I to deny her that pleasure?

She's even planned the itinerary - we're going to Niagara Falls, then to London, Ontario, then over to Ann Arbor - a giant Lake Erie Loop - stopping at dog-friendly attractions and lodgings. And it seems the dogs are developing a social calendar, as some of her friends along the route want to meet the dogs of VeryBad fame. We'll go in a couple of weeks, so I'm making plans.

I'm excited because I'll be able to visit Canada, and see all the wonderful things the Yarn Harlot's always writing about. I'll have my first Tim Horton's donut. I'll try to buy one of the infamous spy quarters, and see if anyone gets worried about it being "full of nanotechnology" when I bring it home. And I hope I'll be able to find a yarn shop in London (maybe a dog-friendly yarn shop? Is Canada that civilized?) so I can bring home some swell Canadian yarn - maybe my first skeins of Fleece Artist.

But even if the trip is a total fibery bust, I'll have had my yarn satisfaction for the month, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. I've fallen in love with the Harlot's Kauni Cardigan, and he's going to bring the yarn back for me. Maybe along with some of the Opal Hundertwasser I've been coveting (isn't "Seeschlange" the coolest yarn name ever?). And perhaps some other goodies. I will be so glad to have Aaron home, but I'll miss my yarn supply line!


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