Friday, July 13, 2007

Two Finished Things!

I suppose the first one isn't exactly a finished object, but after yesterday I can cross two things off the "knitting goals" list. I've taught three people how to needle felt, although I'm not sure if I made three new needle felters - one person didn't enjoy it nearly as much as she'd expected. But I did what I could for the needle felting cause, and I think everyone learned what they wanted to learn. One of the little rock pouches is well on its way to becoming a fish, part of the "how to attach things to other things" lesson. Maybe the finished fish will go to River Knits as an enticing example for others.

And I have a genuine finished object - the Tidal Wave socks from Tofutsies. This takes care of the May/June Sock Club sock, which means that I only have two outstanding - January/February's Fascine Braid socks, and the cotton socks from last summer. I have a huge amount of yarn left over, so I'll have to find something to do with it. And I'll have to work really hard to resist buying more Tofutsies.



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