Monday, May 21, 2007

Knitting Goals

Ali, over at Skeins Her Way, is having a great contest, in which participants are asked to list their summer knitting goals. The lucky winner gets a copy of Ali's first published pattern, and four skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca for knitting it.

Please join in! Check out the contest, then if you add a comment that I referred you, I'll get an extra entry. I promise to share pictures of the yarn should I win, even though sharing the yarn might be difficult!

And here are the goals:
  1. Finish my Hurricane Sock Party sock
  2. Finish Elizabeth's Sockday Socks
  3. Finish a whole bunch of other socks - including Pomatomus, Braided Rice socks, Bavarian Strolling socks, Bulgarian Rose socks, Fascine Braid socks, Cotton socks, and my new Traveling socks.
  4. Tofutsies socks - this month's Sock Club project
  5. Finish at least one sweater - probably the Sunrise Circle Jacket, first
  6. Make or finish a shawl
  7. Spoil my SP 10 pal with at least two more packages
  8. Make nifty pouches for both secret pals
  9. Michelle's sockday socks
  10. Do some charity knitting - maybe hats for soldiers
  11. Monkey, made from the leftovers from the Entrelac socks
  12. Something in Cascade Fixation, maybe
  13. Socks from my leftover Lucy Neatby yarn, if I can mange it
  14. Teach a Needle Felting class at River Knits
  15. The Fish of Prosperty bag that was a gift from Secret Pal Debbie
  16. Write up my "Walkies" mosaic garter sock pattern, and submit it someplace
  17. Make the dog sweaters into something the dogs will want to wear - or at least tolerate wearing
  18. Dye more yarn - maybe hold a dyeing fest

And here are some non-knitting goals, to keep me on track

  1. Write my essay on The Sunflower, fulfilling my first writing contract ever!
  2. Finish the dress I wanted to make for my trip
  3. Organize the kitchen cabinets before Aaron gets home, so he doesn't have to risk injury to cook for me
  4. Read everything (at least everything in English) by Michel Foucault, so I'm better armed to mock him
  5. Recover the rocking chair that Max ate
  6. Get my car working again
  7. Begin riding a bicycle to work on nice days
  8. Clean out the garage so I can put my working car in it
  9. Make the house look beautiful for Aaron's return
  10. Celebrate Aaron's return in all sorts of delightful ways



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