Saturday, June 02, 2007


I may be trying to avoid buying yarn (yeah, I know it's not working), but I haven't made any promises about not starting new projects. That's a good thing, since today I found myself inside on the phone while all my in-progress knitting was outside, waiting to be brought in.

So the only thing to do was grab the yarn within reach, and cast on another sock. This is #4 on my Knitting Goals list, Tidal Wave socks from Tofutsies. These are the May-June socks for sock club, but I'd been trying to finish other projects and hadn't started mine yet. The sock progresses quickly - one nice long phone call saw me through the ribbing and two pattern repeats, out of 5-6 needed for the cuff. So I just need to talk to Aaron more - a lot more.

One ball of Tofutsies makes one pair of socks. There are two balls here because I'm showing off - the blue stuff is my door prize from Boot Camp for Socks. Free yarn is hard to beat - and it doesn't count as buying yarn!



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