Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Come on Down!

Normally, I'd feel like a real slacker if I spent my mornings watching Daytime TV. But this Friday, Bob Barker retires after 35 years of hosting The Price Is Right. Who doesn't get nostalgic about Bob Barker? I'm feeling a special kinship, not just because I had my pets neutered, but because his last show airs on my birthday - does that mean that The Price Is Right has been on as long as I've been alive?

So I decided to commemorate this with a new knitting project. (Actually, this is just a handy excuse for a project I've been itching to cast on.) In honor of one great television personality, I pulled out the yarn named for another - the "Ed Sullivan" soysilk from Conjoined Creations. I decided some time ago that this yarn was destined to become the Yarn Harlot's Snowdrop Shawl(.pdf pattern), so it was just a matter of casting on that one measly stitch and getting started. Which I did. Four times.

So this is the result of two days' work, but it's only one day's progress. I didn't think I needed lifelines until I was fairly far along. I was wrong. But I like the way the pattern is working out, and the repeats in this yarn are short enough that nothing wonky happens with the color.

For this week, I'm only going to knit on the shawl during The Price Is Right (I did squeeze in a little knitting during Alton Brown last night, but that was making up for all the mistakes). I'll see how many snowdrops I can make before Bob reminds us to help control the pet population one last time.

In other news, now that she has her box, I can reveal that my Hurricane Sock went to Amanda of Clothesknit. Amanda has three children, and she homeschools, so I don't know how she has time for knitting. Then again, if I had three children, I'd never wind my own yarn balls again! It was loads of fun to shop for Amanda, and I hope she won't have to test any of the supplies in a real hurricane. I'm also collecting things for the final package for my SP10 pal, so I hope she'll be pleasantly surprised.

And last, I've had to add to the Knitting Goals list. #19 is reasonable enough - my Hurricane Sock (I'm calling it the "Nile sock") needs its mate. But #20 is pure indulgence. I just saw Nona's Sidewinders sock, and I must join the fun. I know exactly which yarn I'm going to use. I'll start this as soon as I finish Elizabeth's socks - and I may even swatch, since Nona says it's important. So I've finished two goals, but added two more. This could be a bad trend.

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