Saturday, June 09, 2007

Doggie Day

The kind of day you wanna sit in the sun
The kind of day that you wanna have fun
The kind of day that you go to the park
The kind of day that you bark bark BARK!

My friends at Dog Talk have this awesome song, "Doggie Day," which perfectly describes a day like today (the mp3 is here). So we went to the park - the local Dog Park. Both dogs got to run and play to their heart's content.

The park emptied for a bit soon after we got there, until new friends showed up to play. There's this great ritual when a new dog comes in, and has to be greeted by everyone else present. Here Max and Oscar wait, perfectly still with tails curled at full attention, until they decide it's time to approach the new dog. They'll begin to inch closer and closer to each other, until all dogs take off at a run for a welcoming round of chasing and butt-sniffing. I declined to capture that part on film.

Today was also Knit in Public day. We didn't get anything together locally, so I took my knitting to the dog park. This may seem silly since I spend most of my time trying to keep my knitting away from dogs. But Max was content to just hang out, watching the park like the king of all he surveyed, so he stayed away from the knitting.

Oscar stayed far away from the knitting - he wanted to run and play. He really is in this picture (the middle dpn points to him). He was thrilled when the other dogs showed up - especially since the owners showed up with a squeaky frisbee. I know what I'll be shopping for soon.

The big advantage to this trip to the park is that I get to enjoy a quiet evening at home. I have some carrot cake from the Illinois Street Food Emporium, and I have Elizabeth's socks to finish by next week. AND I have tired dogs. I love the dog park.

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Blogger clothesknit said...

the sock looks great! i love how the purple seems to be spiralling around the leg :o)

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